Leather Patches in Fusion 360

Hi all,

Does anyone have resources that could help designing a leather patch in F360? I have my design (to be engraved) from inkscape but I assumed the actual cutout geometry of the patch and the stitch holes would be better in Fusion. I can hand duplicate all the stitch holes but i feel like there must be an easier and more consistent way to do it around the edge of irregular shapes. Thank you!

Maybe just my unfamiliarity with F360 (really need to use it more) but it should be pretty easy in any vector program.

If you can use the pen tool to draw a shape, you’re basically there. In Illustrator, you could do it lots of ways. A pattern brush would probably be easy. I think the Inkscape equivalent is pattern along path.


I did a patch in leather. I made a circle to define outer cut of the badge then created a single stitch hole the shape that I wanted at the 12 o’clock position. I then used the create:circular pattern and picked the stitch hole, the center of rotation (the center of the badge outline) and adjusted the number of copies until I had what I wanted.