Leather Ring Sizing Issues

I made a quick SVG for myself to quickly print out leather ring blanks in various sizes (ranging from 4 to 13.5). The issue that I’m having is that the rings, after printed are too small and are not actually the size they say they are. I believe my problem is that the patterns have the inside length and not the outside, but I cant find anywhere that gives me the outside length (probably because that depends on the thickness of the material). My public schooling is currently failing me, does anyone know how I would go about adjusting the inside length that I have and account for the length of the leather I’m working with? I feel real dumb having to come here and ask vs being able to figure this out myself.


Hmm not sure what you mean by length here… You mean the diameter of the rings, or the circumference?

Might be easier for us to help if you can upload a screenshot (or the svg) of what you’re working with.

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So the pattern I have has the rings inside circumference laid out flat as a rectangle with stitch holes on either end.
Ring Chart

The formula for this should be (interior diameter+material thickness)x pi= bank witdth needed right? Maybe i did my math wrong before.


Huh that’s tough to get right. Leather is squishy. The formula looks right though, but it’s definitely got some hard to account for wiggle room based on how tightly you stitch and stretch of the leather.


I ran the numbers for my ring size (10) and got a larger number than before. I must have just had the wrong number the first time or something. But this seems to be a more accurate fit. But I suppose this resource is available on the forums now for people to use if needed. If anyone is making a ring wider than 4mm, i believe you should add an extra .5mm to your blank length to ensure a better fit. Once I have my chart corrected I can post the SVG and post as a free pattern.


The factor is the thickness of the leather will affect the actual final circumference/fit.

The design is 2D, thickness = 0, basically. So not a big change if working with super thin 1oz leather, but once you get to something that will hold shape, like 6-8oz (1/8th inch thick or so), there will be a big difference between the length of the rectangle for the cut and the actual fit on the finger.

Since ring size is based on the size of the finger, or the inside diameter (and circumference) of the material a ring is made from, so for the cutting, you have to account for the material thickness to set up the actual size of the pattern for the OUTER circumference.

(This is true no matter how you cut the leather–I prefer cutting with my rotary blades or knife, as much faster for me to do so, and no kerf loss or soot to clean off, or scrap loss from extra needed to pin down the material–but I love etching on leather!!)


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