Leather score


Ordered some leather remnants last week, and they showed up today. 10 lbs each, natural and black veg tanned.
The natural is various weights and sizes, but most of it looks usable for what I have planned. The black is a pretty consistent weight, and almost all large pieces.
20lbs total, delivered for $35. I can live with that.


very nice, curious to see what you do with it :smile:


Loving what I’m seeing there. I’d love to have that score.


Nice score! :slight_smile:

FWIW, I’m offering small veg tan scraps on Levitada for free, as long as the recipient covers shipping. The listing photos give a sense of how much will fit into a small flat rate priority mail box, but I have enough scrap to offer bigger boxes too (with the same caveat - recipient covers shipping).

Again, these are all smaller bits and pieces - think keychains, pendants, rings, earbud holders, and the like. I can include some larger pieces of split leather (which is basically the veg tan version of suede) which is also laser-able, but does not have the same smooth top grain finish as the smaller pieces. Personally, I like to use the split leather for drafting patterns and sculpting prototypes.


Once I have my GF, I will be VERY interested in covering the shipping on a flat rate box or two. Heck, I’ll mail the postage label right to you. LOL


Great find !!!


Levitada, this is @jason.fuller0. @jason.fuller0, this is Levitada :


Love at first click.


Yeah, it’s a really cool concept. Cynzu (who shall not be tagged) came up with it - I believe she said that she was inspired in part by the generosity of this forum :slight_smile: