Leather select options are gone

Anyone have the issue with all leather material options not showing up? I went to print a big order and I have zero options of leather.

I also get no search results for leather in the material selector. Be sure to email support@glowforge.com as that’s the only way they’ll know there’s an issue.


I wonder if its across the board with other users

Yup. All gone.

I just loaded an older file that was originally used with leather. I typed ‘medium leather’ into the material search and it came up for me;

And, so did thick;



I get the same.


same. i emailed support

What happens if you type “medium leather”?

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leather options are missing in Tennessee

Does anyone have the settings for Thick Natural Leather? At least that way we can just enter it as a custom.

Can you post the Thick Natural Leather settings?

It should work either way, but try typing the word medium or thick in first…

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I did… and thanks for the settings!

no leather is there. I tried medium too. Hopefully it is fixed by tomorrow. Going to be some pissed off customers

Wow…bizarre. It seems more likely that everyone would be missing the same things…not just certain people.


I just opened the latest (non-leather) file in my dashboard and, did a quick search, finding all of the expected leather settings.

Screen Shot 2022-05-23 at 10.06.59 PM

(Just a data point. I’m not denying that they are missing for others.)


(also just a data point)

I too am missing all the leather settings. This is a real big problem because I have an Etsy business based on my Glowforge and right now I cannot get some of my products out the door. I emailed Support last night and hopefully we get a fix today because I have to ship by today or Etsy penalizes me.