Leather select options are gone

Settings for medium were shared above. Perhaps someone that still has them could share settings for thick, if that’s what you need.

I wouldn’t could on a fix or response from support for a while.


options for the I-phones an surface pros are gone also.

Settings for thick leather are posted here;

These are the settings for medium;
score; draft 300/16
HQ - 125/12
SD engrave; 1000/ 71 lpi 270
cut; 246/81
If anyone needs any of the other options, just let me know.

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They are back for me.

I’ll add - although it is a web-based app, over the years, changes have not appeared for everyone at the same time. It appears they stagger/stage updates over time, perhaps so as not to overload the servers - who knows.

All the settings are searchable again for me as well.

I can get them using Google Chrome, but not with Firefox.

they said it is fixed, but still the same for me.

I used Brave browser and it is there. I have used chrome for many years and it seems to not be working with it.

You may have an older version of the web application cached in that browser. Clear your browser’s cache then reload the page.

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