Leather thickness

I recently bought leather that the thickness is 2mm, the glow forge machine measures it in inches what can I do so the machine can read the thickness of the leather?

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Just use “set focus”. Doesn’t matter what units it uses as long as it knows where the surface is.

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You can also click on the 3 dots and switch the units from inches to centimeters. Just remember to switch it back for the next job.

You can set your preferences (inches or mm) if you wish, but as stated above, just use the set focus tool.

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You could also break out a calculator and convert it to imperial units.

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Dang European cows. Yay for Set Focus.


I’ve tried the set focus a few times and like it. Do i understand correctly it doesn’t matter what you put in as a material thickness as long as you use set focus? (within reason of course-but sometimes i forget to measure and have it set just so and don’t want to take it out and measure it with my calipers:-)).

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Correct. If using Set Focus, you need not input a material thickness.

Google has a very lovely calculator that can translate units of measurement. You just type what you need to translate like this

Very useful!

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Yes just ignore material thickness and use “set focus”. Make sure you do this step before you place your artwork to get perfect alignment.


Thank you all. i had read about the set focus ‘before’ your artwork and appreciate that!! My daughter is wanting me to laser a gut stock for their daughter’s 1st birthday (they own a gun shop:-))…makes me a bit nervous, but it’s just text and i thought i would use this method.

Siri and i are really good friends and i’m always asking her to convert mm to inches for me:-)

Excellent. Just remember the gun stock has a bit of curve to it so keep a close eye on where the red laser dot hits the surface during the set focus phase. If need be, readjust where you want it to fall until it hits exactly where you need it to read the surface height. I would personally try to hit on a spot about half way between the highest and lowest of the areas you will be engraving. And, try to use only an area with as little curve to it as possible.
Good luck and post a pic when you complete it.

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