Leather Unicorn Tote

Whipped this cute bag up for my 3 year old niece last night. We had given her a Lilo and Stitch backpack as a gift and she was nice about it but I could tell it wasn’t her thing. Later I had her pick out her favorite Unicorn and etched it on this adorable baby blue leather ( I know, I know, its not veg tanned). Its my second sewing project ever so its a little rough and I learned a lot while putting it together. Like, remember to stitch the handles on first​:woman_facepalming:. She was very excited and it definatly made up for the unwanted Lilo and Stitch bag, and was much cheaper!:grin:


Beautiful!, can’t go wrong with Unicorns right now!


An adorable bag!

Really great!

Looks good! I hope you learned your lesson: Make Everything.


Looks great. Super cute!

Unicorns are chaotic good.

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