Leather Valet Trays

I’m using the Glowforge for a lot of great projects, but most recently I’m developing some fun items for my burgeoning leathercraft biz. Here are a couple of valet trays I’ve made that have been engraved on the GF. Designs (.svg files) are purchased, as my drawing talent pales in comparison to what others can offer! But…then I’ve used this great art provided by others and combined with my leatherworking skills to create these trays. What do you think?


Simple, elegant, and so useful too.

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I recently made one of these, too! They look great, and there’s no shame in using images that were paid for. Some people express ideas in art better than others, and that’s no problem, thanks for sharing :+1:t4:


Thanks! I like your logo/design.

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Nice! Simple is great and purchased art is great, too! WIth purchased are you can offer a lot to your customers. Keep going!