Leather wristband/bracelet


Leather bracelet topics here inspired me to make one for my kid. It’s inspired by a Hungarian Kalocsai design. I added her name in old Hungarian runic writing to personalize it further.
This is the first pass and with only an hour or two design, 8 minutes on the GF and figuring out how to add a snap, I’m pretty happy with the result. So’s my little one!


Very pretty! I made a leather bracelet for my granddaughter and added emergency phone numbers etched around the edges of the design on the ends, so they’d be on the inside of her wrist when she wears it. :slight_smile:


Awesome! (And I like the idea of the phone numbers too.)


that’s brilliant… before my kids had my number memorized I made little beaded bracelets with my cell number but I absolutely love your idea of having it inside.


Yeah, these days with everyone having individual phone numbers, it’s a lot to ask of a kid, even when they’re NOT in some kind of stressful situation!

Hers has 4 numbers – Mom, Dad, Grandma, and Bop (Grandpa). :slight_smile:


Grown ups too. (I have no idea what my cell phone number is…I don’t hand it out.) :smile:


Modern life is hard on kids! Growing up I feel like I knew two numbers, my parents land line and my aunt’s land line!


I like the effect of the cutouts on the leather. I’ve only just done engraves… thanks for the new inspiration.


Very nice! It looks multidimensional, almost like a 3D engrave.


Great project! That final pic says it all!:slightly_smiling_face:


She is now a warrior.


I can just imagine how thrilled she was! It looks great!