Leatherette for purses

Has anyone used leatherette to make a clutch or purse? There are so many cute designs on Etsy, but I’m not sure the material would be sturdy enough.


In a way, it’s a TECH CLUTCH I suppose… but the pouch made using Johnson Plastics’ faux leather has been holding up the same as the day I stitched it together…

The other faux leather (Saddle Collection) item that’s part of my EDC: AirTag pouch keychain. Engraved on both sides. Given how many times it’s been in and out of my shirt pocket for at least the last 18 months, I’m honestly stunned at how it continues to hold up. The only blemish it exhibits is on the Roundel side near the hole for the keyring; pulls over time has caused a “crack”. The black fabric backing surface remains intact.

If I were considering a clutch-type accessory, double-siding the faux leather might be a good way to go.


Do be careful as some leatherette is plastic and PVC, so make sure whichever you buy that it’s laser safe!


Thank you.

Thank you