Hi! I have lady asking to engrave on a bible. I looked it up and it showed the cover is made from leatherflex. I can’t find anything on google that shows if it can or can’t be engraved. Anyone have any information?

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Do not engrave anything that you are not certain is laser safe. Faux leather can be many things. Some is safe some is not.

Imitation Leather

Simulated Leather, Imitation Leather, Leather-look, LeatherLike and Leatherflex Bibles may have a leather appearance and may be constructed from a variety of materials. Traditionally these covers are slightly more durable than a paperback but not as durable as bonded leather. However recent developments in imitation leather construction have greatly improved these covers to a standard that rivals bonded leather, and even genuine leather for durability and feel. These man-made materials allow a range of style and color not possible with leather materials. Some of these better quality imitation leathers go by such names as Tru-Tone, TuTone, Duo-Tone, etc.


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According to this site

Vinyl is an absolute no go - it will release a gas that will eat the components of your machine!

You could engrave an actual leather cover that she could put over the leatherflex one.


You might be able to engrave an acrylic or delrin “press” so that you can press the name/design into the leather-type material?

I really like this method over engraving on leather, but not sure it would work on all the different types of fake leathers…