LED cutout light frame

I started making a shadow box this morning, and remembered the new segment feature using WLED, shifted gears and ended up with this. This was the free standing silhouette that I had already.

The box with slide lid came from a modified festi generator.


The cops are on their way to arrest Mr. Robot.

It’s a Fire Sale!


What’d you use to get up to (presumably) 5v?

Not sure how long it would last. Did not have it on that long. :wink:

I have 3.7v Li-Ion in it right now. I assume it must be boosting it to 5v. I am powering the LEDs straight from the board.

[edit] So far it has lasted an hour.
With a flashing light effect. So maybe it has only been on for half the time?

[edit] 2 hours

[edit] 3 hours and counting, but started too late. I’m going to bed.

I will try again earlier tomorrow.

[edit] It lasted about 4.5 hours


I am using a strip the has 70 LEDs and created two segments (0-29) and (32-70) in the WLED interface. I skipped two LEDs transitioning from the inner frame to the outer.

What is the power output of that board?

They are not typically designed to drive external loads (they make shields for that specific purpose.)

From what I can goggle, it seems 1A output.

Check the regulator after it’s been running for a while. If it’s too hot to touch, dial back the brightness (duty cycle) on the LEDs…

WLED has a built-in function “Enable automatic brightness limiter”

Automatically limits brightness to stay close to the limit.
Keep at <1A if powering LEDs directly from the ESP 5V pin!

(Current estimated usage: 173mA)

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Oh that’s a cool little board, hadn’t seen it.

At max brightness white you can expect to draw a bit over 4 amps.

In practice you tend to pull about a third of that when doing highly saturated colors. Backing off the brightness would keep it way under the 1 amp rating.

Great work! Love the lights!

So on a freshly charged battery it will last over 4 hours, with a simple pattern. That is long enough for Halloween night. Which I think will be the next choice of artwork. :skull: