LED edge light engraving settings

Hey guys!

I’ve been making some LED lamps, but I don’t always like how mine look. It seems like a lot of them block out too much light for the lamp to look as good as I would like it to.

Does anyone have any tips on settings they use for the engraving on the acrylic? Currently, I’m doing focus height 5.5, 265 lines per cm and at a slower speed of 790.



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If you search for “acrylic engrave settings” I bet you’ll get some answers without everyone repeating themselves.

There was a really good thread about this recently with a spiderman. Let’s see.

Yeah here we go, read this whole thread, lots of good tips.

Here’s that search, because I’m full service:


This will probably enlighten you:


Get it? Enlighten? Aw come on, where are you going!? I’ll be here all week, ladies and gentlemen.


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