LED lamp!


Hi there!

Here is another project I did for a friend that LOVES the Gumball3000 Rally.

Used a clear Acrylic and engraved the logo with the 20th Anniversary and the route they are doing right now!

I hope you guys like it!



Looks sharp!


Thanks! :blush:


Excellent! That looks great, I’m sure your friend will love it.


Where do you find the bases for these lamps? It looks great by the way.


I bough so many of them and now I’m selling them in the UK. :slight_smile:
But you can buy in China if you want cheaper… just that I did have a lot of problems with so many of them not working that I thank that I got enough for me to work for a bit of time! :slight_smile:


I’m sure he will love it. LED projects are so fun to make and to give!


I have a DVD of the gumball 3000


Its amazing!


Couldn’t agree more! :blush:


This looks amazing! Love it!


Thank you!