LED light box

First tool made with the glowforge,

an LED light box for tracing images. Used the thick PG acrylic and medium draft board and covered it with garilla tape to dull the edges. Works pretty well.


Looks like it works great!

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I should build one of these for tracing embroidery designs into fabric.


Excellent idea! I’ve got one of the commercial ones, but it was ridiculously overpriced. If you could make your run off a rechargeable battery, that would be even better!



That’s fabulous - I also have one of the ridiculously overpriced ones, and I love it - I run it off a USB recharger battery so it’s portable :slight_smile:
Did you use an LED strip on the edge of the acrylic, or something underneath it?

No, the LED light strip is taped to the inside of the box under the acrylic. It is about 1 inch high so plenty of room for it. I also put a sheet of crumpled up aluminum foil along the bottom of the box and left the masking on one side of the acrylic to help with diffusion.

Basically it is just a tabbed box (generated from the inkscape tabbed box extension) with the bottom and side pieces cut from medium draftboard and the top cut form think acrylic. My original plan was to use medium acrylic with a cross support under, but then I noticed the thick acrylic and used that because it should be able to support more weight without sagging.

If I had to do it over again, I would match the dimensions of the box to the LED light strips so I would not have to cut and solder the LED strips.