LED Pinewood Derby Car

A bit of custom and turnkey components along with some Glowforge built framework and acrylic flare made for the coolest Pinewood Derby car ever. :wink: It runs “WLED” software with WiFi so you can connect with your phone to change the LEDs and color animations.

There are 6 LEDs under the car also for under effects. Each “segment” can be controlled differently.


That is very fun looking. Please don’t stay away another 2 years if you are building such cool things.


There is no way it’s been two years… really? …


That literally made me snort and lol…

It’s really cool, I like it, so please don’t take this they wrong way!

We had a photo shoot on Sunday and it immediately reminded me of the shoes the princess was wearing. If she saw that and knew of my “maker skills” she would probably commission me to make something like that for her.

LOL. I was telling my better half that “2.0 would look a lot better”. I was mostly focused on the functionality and trying to house the electronics while staying under weight. I started it on Monday and the race is tonight so I mostly just had to roll with whatever. I think it turned out “ok”. It’s awesome with the lights and animations. One animation is quite pretty in pink with sparkle flashes though. :wink:


As long as the kids like it, who cares!!

(erm… I assume this is for your kid(s)??)


These were the shoes in question…

The rest of her was equally bedazzled…

My daughter rents out her classic cars for photo shoots, weddings, parades, etc. This one was just a treat for her birthday, apparently.


Yea… uh… totally… I think he knows I made it for him.


This turned out awesome!

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Oh wow! If you get video of it in action, we’d love to see it.


Not really “in action” but here is a video of a few of the animations we had set up for it.

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The cub master won’t have seen that coming! Nice job on bringing the pinewood derby into the 21 century. Great stuff!

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I am thinking that this entry might have distracted the other drivers. Fun to watch.