LED RGB night light - TARDIS


I found these LED RGB night lights and had to try to make something.


Is the acrylic designed to come out of the base or did you just engrave the entire thing in the GF?

They’re cheap enough to make all kinds of gifts out of them :slight_smile:


i think i saw this night light on amazon too, was tempted to get it and put my own acrylic in them. looks great!


Amazing! Now I want some of those.


Mind sharing the amazon link for these?


Here is the Amazon link.


If interested I can upload the template I made for the acrylic insert and the spacer since I used 1/8" acrylic. You also need a #2 triangle head driver to remove the screws from the back of the nightlight.


So cool!


Check your local Dollar store - often find these there for much much less.


@rsummers, Please if you don’t mind.


File for new panel.


File for spacer.


Very cool! Love the color options! :grinning:


Awesome design and thanks for the pattern! Going to find a design I can use. I found this night light at the Dollar General today…not sure how you would adapt for the curve in the base??? At a $1 it’s not much lost on it…otherwise I will order the set you suggested @hansepe


Did you design with a spacer because the original comes with a quarter-inch acrylic insert?


Very nice, Now Who will be the first to make
one of these …


Yes I needed the spacer because the bottom of the original piece was thicker at the bottom.


I’m curious why you replaced the plastic it came with with your own. Does the built-in stuff not engrave well or something? Or was it a shape issue? Or…?


The plastic that the night light came with didn’t etch very well. It was just easier to use the clear acrylic from Glowforge.


It’s possible the plastic it comes with is not acrylic—perhaps not ideally even a laser-safe plastic. If it is not marked what kind of clear plastic it is, I think replacing it is a good course of action.