LED source


I want to make my own light bases, but not deal with the LED part. I think I found a decent LED strip source and thought I’d share. Forget to mention it’s free shipping too :slight_smile:

Edited to add: I just noticed it says “$3.99” in the link below. I didn’t pay attention and ordered from the US warehouse and paid $5.67. Apparently if you purchase from the Chinese warehouse and are willing to wait on shipping, you get the lower price.

LED floating wall art
Acrylic record light
Made my 1st LED Base

You’ve got to be kidding? What a steal and a find!


Thanks for the share!
Wonder how much the controller and remote are by themselves now.


These? Looks to be about $2.75


this is all great info!

I wonder how many LEDs this can run at a time.
I know with my regular wall plug strip if I turn up the brightness too much it will start flashing. I assume because it does not have enough power to run the whole strip



Oh hey! Look at that! Thanks!


For what it’s worth, I bought an LED “can light” (to use as a backlight against the wall behind TV when watching in the dark) about 8 years ago - it uses that exact remote! And it still works :slight_smile:


how long is the strip?


The one in the video is .5m. The strips come in .5, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 m.


I think you mean m as in meters :slight_smile:


I did :slight_smile:


You can get those led kits at Home Depot now, not that cheap but still available locally.


Or Amazon Prime, cheap and tomorrow :slight_smile:


Oh man, I didn’t see them on Amazon and I’d rather buy from them. If you have a link to the preasymbled strips, I’d love the link.


Here’s some of what I’ve been buying from them:

Connectors so you can cut the tape & use pieces:

And Coloradohulahoops for some last bits:
(this has the controller keypad built in to the power end)
(separate remote)


Thanks. I’m pretty lazy though and was looking for the pre-made strips. I just want to be able to make a base and stick the strip in without soldering etc. I haven’t been able to find them on Amazon. The ones I ordered made it to my door in less than a week so it wasn’t too bad.


You can get shorter ones - I just get the big reels so I can cut off how much I want. The shorter ones have the ends already wired in (4 pin connector) that plug into the controller - just make sure you get the right controller for the wire you get. The RGB ones have 4 pins so you can change colors. The single colored versions have 2 or 3 pins depending on what the controller will do to them (if there’s a controller at all).


Does anyone know if I can use Arduino to individually address each led on a strip? I have a project in mind where I need to be able to control which LEDs turn on. Thanks.


Yeah your best bet is to go to fastled.io. That library supports a huge array of LED types. I typically use 3wire style (ws2812b etc) because it makes soldering easy when you have a lot of strips in a project, but if you’re only doing one strip the 4 wire systems are generally better performers (apa102 etc).

The fastled library and forums are pretty great.