LEDS no turning on

Glowforge Plus

Bought March 27, 2019

Stopped centering 10/30/19. Was working perfect on 10/29/19.

Tried everything I could find in the forums and what support suggested.

Tried it again on 10/31/19 and the LEDS wouldn’t turn on and I got the Lid open error.

Support sent me a replacement black cable on 11/7/19.

LEDS still not turning on, but it will center and run as if nothing is wrong.

I used it over the weekend to do several projects. I have a LED light taped to the top.

NO Lid Open Errors, No Problems with the Centering, Homing, or Focusing.

The LED I am using isn’t strong enough for the camera to see the barcodes on the proofgrade material, so I have to input that data on the dashboard.

Any ideas? I have taken photos of the black cable and sent to support.

LEDS never flicker at all.

Sounds like the right cause


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I’m so sorry to hear about the trouble with the LEDs. We want you to have a reliable unit, and I see that we followed up by email yesterday with your next steps to receive a replacement. Since we are going to be working through email now, I’m going to close this thread.