Left and Right alignment always off

Just got it today, first print. The stepper motors do not seem to be in sync for the left and right and they would constantly get out of parallel. I just got it today. I turn it off and try to sync them by hand so they’re parallel and it moves smoothly after that. Once I turn it on, it keeps going out of sync like their steps are off causing it to run roughly when moving front and back. That does not seem right at all. Also once out of parallel, the angle seems to vary and does not stay consistent.

Note: When I move the gantry back and forth after I’ve aligned them, it runs smooth and free of obstructions. The belts seem fine and not way off from tightness from each other. I’ve also noticed that small movements seem fine like when it engraved line by line as you can see by the top part. It’s when movement is bigger that the stepper motors seem to miss steps.

Thanks for your help.

Okay, you’re going to need to let Support take a look at your logs. There have been a couple of reports of this very recently…it might be something with the software.

What time and time zone did you try to run that print?

I’d say sometime between 1pm and 1:45pm Pacific

Okay, thanks that helps. Just sit tight. It might take them some time to track down whatever it is. :slightly_smiling_face:

Bummer. Just got it. Hope it gets resolved soon. really excited for my new project. Thanks for the help! Seems like a great community.


It is, and they are great machines too! (Initial startup bumps notwithstanding.) :smile:
(I’ve had mine going for a couple years now, but sometimes one gets out that has a problem. )
Hopefully this won’t be one of them.


And I thought it was the worst having to wait two years for it, but having it in front of me unable to use it would be the worst I think. :confounded:

Rest assured, they will square you away.


It seems the problem is consistent. One of the stepper motors seem to just run a bit slower or rougher than the other.

Also can anyone tell me what this is. It wasn’t mentioned in the setup guide

Lens removal tool. Hang on to it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Been waiting since Friday for support to help… I haven’t had a successful cut since I first got it. It’s a real bummer.

Standard response is three business days, although sometimes you might hear something sooner.

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I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.