Left Glowforge On All night

So I left my Glowforge on all Night, Not running a job but just on cause I forgot to turn it off… Should I be concerned?

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Done that accidentally dozens of times. No big deal other than the wasted electricity. Usually leave it on until I’m done at the end of a day and sometimes forget to turn it off because it’s in the basement.


People leave theirs on for days on end. Sure, the intake fan has a life expectancy, but I imagine that’s several years.

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I leave mine on days (if not weeks) at a time.

The major drawback is that firmware updates only get applied at power on. This can increase the power up sequence (which seems like forever when I want to use it), but trying to find a usable balance of how often to power cycle or turn on/off is probably a personal preference.


Yeah the concern is power and updates, mine has stayed on for a week at a time.


As long as you didn’t feed it after midnight, you should be fine. :smiling_imp:


I usually leave mine on all the time and only turn it off/on when I have trouble with it calibrating before doing something.

But with hot weather coming I’ve taken to turning it off and leaving the lid open. That eliminates heat build up from the electronics running or the air sitting and getting greenhouse effect warming under the glass lid.

I’m trying to keep it in the basement as long as possible so I don’t have to rig up a vent to the outside if I move it upstairs where there’s a/c.

Thanks for the help, everyone. @miss.aventurera, it won’t harm your Glowforge to leave it on for extended periods.

I’m going to close this thread - if you run into any other trouble, go ahead and post a new topic.