Left side not moving as fast as Right side

When I turn on my machine it acts like the left side is not moving as fast as the right. I have checked the belts and the both feel the same. I removed just the right belt and machine would not move at all.
I then removed the left belt and replaced the right one and it would move. With the power off it moves freely. Can the stepper motors be replaced?

That is the most unlikely possibility. If anything like that were happening you would be getting extremely odd cuts. If you can cut the “Gift of Good Measure” it would certainly show up there, and with a photo of each side of the result. and camera shots where you think there is a problem emailed to support they could help, but if the GOGM is good there is not likely a real issue.


@rbtdanforth has a good point.

Also, those belts have a feedback loop (which is why you would not be getting a good cut as opposed to having speed issues). How often is your issue happening? Is it new? Is you machine new or under warranty?

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It won’t cut at all because when you first turn it on the right side moves down and the left side moves slower causing it to get crooked. If I start it with the laser head under the camera it will home and move to the left. When it goes back the right side is in the correct position but the left side needs about an inch to be correct 90 degrees . The dashboard will have an error saying refresh browser or restart the machine. You can click the x in the upper right corner and close error on screen. With power off it moves freely. When I had just the left belt on it acted like it couldn’t pull it’s self, but with just the right belt on it moved almost to home. Starting both times with laser under camera.

It’s a referb because my 1st machine died after a year ( No Power at all ). I have had the machine 2 years and it just started. Cut the letter E ( 2" x 3" ) out, turned it off, went back about an hour and a half later and turned it on, Right side moved down like it was trying to move laser under camera but left side didn’t move as fast stopping the machine saying it couldn’t home or something like that. Cleaned everything. After several tries it does the same thing every time.

That is more specific. You might check out this thread that has considerable discussion on the point. I have seen other cases where the cable on the left side drags and catches causing exactly your issue.

If not that I would remove the crumb tray and make sure nothing has fallen down between the crumb tray and the sides. From the rail to the corner there are parts of the gantry that can catch and drag much like that cable.

A less likely but possible is a broken stepper motor drive wheel as there have been a few where the rubber part cracks.

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