Legends of Elsewhere - Hogwarts gift card holder

'Sme again! So, after the Emerald City box lid experiment, I decided to try another ‘place’ but wanted to reclaim some of the dimension, so I popped the banner up and overlapped it outside the frame. This would still work as a lid, as it’s still only 2 layers thick at the joint, but I wanted to experiment with trying to make a gift card holder.

And now that I know I can do it…Christmas is going to be REALLY fun this year!

Thanks for stopping by, and until next creation, Happy Forging!


It’s perfect! You make things look even better and more whimsical.

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Looks great!!

I vasculate between feeling very inspired to hating you for getting so much of the talent.


This is so cool!

Cool! Love Hogwarts. Great coloring on this!