Legends of Elsewhere - Jawas/Sandcrawler

I may have to start affectionately referring to this project as “The Abduction of Gonk.” Though I never condone thievery, I fully support reclamation and restoration, so here’s to the scavengers, to the makers who make do, to the love children of Martha Stewart and McGyver who can breathe new life in to old things…here’s to the “Utinni!”

It does stand up, I just couldn’t get good lighting at the moment, so I had to lay her down. The front panel segment is held on with a magnet in the corner.

Thanks for stopping and taking a look, and until next creation, Happy Forging!


So if most of your designs how many layers are there? I find it hard to work out with the full frontal pictures. It looks like there are lots but I;m not sure that is your wonderful painting technique making them look deeper than they are.

Colouring on R2D2 is brilliant. No idea how you get the white so bright and the blue so “glowing”


This is my new favorite! You really do such amazing color work with these.


Thank you! Most are 3-4 layers, this one is four plus just the banner makes it 5 thick. The white is colored pencil, a little of white over top a darker color does lighten and brighten it, which is what happened with the blue.


I have been reading your posts on Legends of Elsewhere for a while and wanted to say I love what you can do. Thanks for sharing.


You are on fire! Seriously these are all so great. I may have to request a complete collection picture soon!

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If I had any one table or space I could fit them all on, at this point! :slight_smile:

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