Legends of Elsewhere - Mr. Miyagi, James Bond, and McLintock!

Quite a weird collection, I know. But there’s a story here. My mom asked for a set of legends for Christmas, and wanted Sean Connery, Harrison Ford, and Michael Douglas. Well, I couldn’t get a Michael Douglas or Harrison Ford as any of their characters to work out in a way that I would be happy with, so instead of them, I settled on two others that I know she’ll love.

Pat Morita as Mr. Miyagi became almost synonymous with Master Yoda on the Worldly Wisdom scale growing up, and movie number 2 (set in Okinawa) was our favorite of all of them; it played a huge role in fueling my teenage fascination with everything Japanese. Also growing up, my grandmother really liked the movie McLintock. She had one of those VCRs that auto-rewound and started again, so she’d run it on loop. All. Day. Long. Went through probably 20 copies of that tape from wearing it out! So that one’s for you, Gram!

Thanks for stopping and taking a look, and until next creation, Happy Forging!


You are very prolific. Thanks for the photos and the story behind the group. McLintock was one I hadn’t anticipated. Nice job.

Cool collection!

Have you done Avatar yet?


Amazing as always

You work so fast. It would take me a year to manage one of these…you do 2 a week it seems.

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The fortunate part is that they are so small (3 x 2.25), so one only takes me about an hour to color all three layers, depending on how long I have to experiment on a piece of scrap to figure tricky colors. Many of the Legends ones now (and there will be more before Christmas) are ones I designed over the summer and are just now getting to actually making them. And with the weather cooling off, I’m no longer stuck in “early morning before 7 when it hits 100 degrees out” and more in “let’s spend a few hours out there running off 5 projects in one session.” I just hope I don’t start hitting “too cold to turn on!”