Legends of Elsewhere set 5 - more video games

So, I know it’s about time for some different subjects other than video games (the idea was to make a collection representing all of our favorite fandom interests), but wanted to round out one more set of video game characters for my son, bringing his birthday gift boon to 16 total.

This set features Mega Man (with Rush, of course), Simon Belmont from Castlevania, Ash Ketchum and his most famous little buddy Pikachu, and Lucky from Lucky’s Tale.

And a ‘tiny’ hint for the theme of my next grouping I’m going to start working on…Small and Sassy!

Thank you and enjoy!


The volume of your output is impressive. I say keep them coming.

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Thanks! Unfortunately I don’t have venting supplies or a space inside so I have my forge in the garage, and this extreme heat keeps shutting me down! But if I get up and get out there early, and I already have the design and material loaded the night before, I can just turn it on and print. I can usually get one card done before it’s already 100 degrees at 0700 and decides it needs a siesta. Fans and ice packs help, but only barely. They range in the 27 minute ballpark to print and cut all three layers, then maybe 1-1.5 hours to color, I can usually get one done before I have to switch focus to other life aspects.

Designing I do in the evenings, and I use pretty much the same process for all of them as far as tracing/breaking apart/slicing/recombining, etc. Once I find images that I like, design only takes about 10 minutes. With designing 5 or 6 in 2 hours at night, but only getting one done a morning, it didn’t take long for me end up with about 60 designs that I still haven’t made yet!

I’ll probably take a break from them when I run out of draftboard (I have one sheet left and that’ll get me 10 more cards if my eyeballs are good that day, I squeeze them in right, and I have a whole heap of faith, trust and pixy dust in my alignments). After that, I’m at the mercy of whenever I place and get my next supply order. My marker tips are shredding too, but it’s school supply time, so that works out perfect to restock.


Your perseverance pays off! They look great!