Legends of Elsewhere set 6 - "Small and Sassy"

Hi everybody, I’m back with a new set of Legends, these are a collection of my favorite small and sassy cute-lings. Didn’t plan it, but I love the alliteration this set resulted in with their names.

Groot has such an amazing way of conveying attitude and language, despite his language restriction, and few get in to such trouble like curious Grogu can. As a kid, I was never much in to Care Bears, but as a teenager who frequented Hot Topic, I embraced Grumpy as the embodiment of my teenage angst. And GIR from Invader Zim is just so adorably innocent, you can’t help but admire his joyful ignorance.

Thanks for looking and have a wonderful day!


These are very cute as well as your others. You’re on a roll!

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In the words of Groot “I am Groot :orange_heart:

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Love them all but especially Grogu!!!

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You are really keeping busy. Love these!

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You had me at Groot. :slight_smile: