Legends of Elsewhere - Xanadu

This morning’s project was an experiment in neon, inspired by the Nine Sisters album cover from the movie. When I was growing up, I never could quite get the hang of roller blades. I did, however, find that I enjoyed skating with plain old regular skates, so that’s what I did. Black with neon green wheels.

If I try to do that now, I’d probably end up breaking a few things!

Thanks for stopping by, and until next creation (which might be tomorrow, who knows), Happy Lasering!


I watch that movie at least once a year. Love ELO and still have a crush on Olivia Newton John. :slight_smile:

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How long does it take you to do one (on average) with all the coloring and stuff you have to do? And how do you choose which one(s) you want to display? You have so many and they’re all so good. Decisions, decisions… or all of them at once on a wall!


Wow… that hits the way back machine.

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Most of mine now I’m standing up along the back of the hutch on my desk, but I do wonder just how far spread out through the house they’ll end up! Designing them is actually fairly quick now, searching and finding images I like is the most time consuming, but once I found it, designing takes about 15 minutes. 26 to 31 minute print time for just one, which is all I’m currently doing at a time. 60-90 min for coloring, so about 2 hours, give or take.


Wow I love this

I really did love that movie. Thanks for sharing.

Is that Olivia Newton John? :grin:

No, not really, although I did look for a drawing that looked more realistic, I couldn’t find one that I thought would look good and trace well. I haven’t experimented yet with photo/gradient engraves, I’m still in vector path and fill world.

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