Lego HP Mini-fig display

Hi Everyone! Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! So, I got a few sets of Harry Potter Legos (yes, I still love Legos, most of what I have are Star Wars, but they’re all REALLY for the munchkin anyway). These are my first HP Legos, and enough that I ended up with Harry, Ron, Hermoine, and Prof. McGonagall, and started thinking of how I could display the mini-figs.

I had an idea to try and engrave Lego studs out of a piece of acrylic, so I broke out the calipers and did some tests, fortunately on my second test I got the posts the right size to fit tight enough to hold a mini-fig (using Thick clear acrylic).

Did two passes with the proofgrade engraving settings on Medium Clear Acrylic, and made a T-shape (3 nub x 8 nub in the front with a smooth 3 nub x4 nub section in the back), then a 3x4 section out of Thick Acrylic that I superglued on to the back portion of the T to give it a step.

Then I was trying to think of what I could build up around it as an actual display, because that alone is just kind of ugly. I thought “hey, it’d be cute if they were in some kind of Quiddich observation booth or something.” and set to work building this up around it.

It doesn’t look anything like the observation towers in the movies, but that’s the wonderful thing about head-cannon, in my brain, it works. Thanks for stopping and taking a look, and until next creation, Happy Forging!


What a great idea and amazing execution!! Well done!


That is just adorable!


DIY Lego blocks customized for how you want your mini-figs to be placed – fantastic! Not to mention that the audience box is also amazingly well done!


This is very cool! For the Harry Potter lovers in my family … and the Lego lovers … I think it’s awesome!


Super cool


Well I’ve never seen any of the Harry Potter movies (and just don’t care to, but don’t hate me!), but I love your creative ability to make your own block!! I LOVE watching the LEGO competitions that have been on tv and have a friend who has been buying the very intricate LEGO projects for years. I am always amazed at how many creative LEGO kits there are, and how people keep coming up with such clever designs for them!

Great job! And though you say they are for your munchkin, all the boxes DO say 4-99 yrs!! So you’re good!! Keep showing us more!


This is so cute and clever. I REALLY like this. Well done.


Your stuff is just so dang well designed! If this is not your profession, seems like it ought to be.

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How cute.

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Ok, that’s pretty cool. But you can’t keep us all in suspense, what is the magic dimension?


Thank you, the problem is I haven’t an entrepreneurial bone in my body and usually no desire to make something a second time!

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No magical movement or hidden secrets on this one…my brain feels a little fried on mechanical movements lately!

The observation box is so perfect for this.

What did you use to paint it? It’s got a nice middle-of-the-road between realism and lego-ism.

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This one I think was pretty much all Sharpie, the light brown I think was Amazon Basics permanent marker.

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( had about 50 more !!s but the system wouldn’t accept it as a full sentence!)