Length of time to engrave changed

I am engraving text on some silicone wristbands. Yesterday it was taking 50 seconds to engrave one wristband, today it says that it will take 5 and half minutes for the same file.

I am using 700 speed, 85 power, 225 lpi and using the set focus features, exactly the same settings as yesterday.

I recreated the text and saved it as an svg again today and I still am getting the bad print time.

Any ideas? Suggestions?


Was the first one placed right under the lid camera in the center? The only thing I can think of that might slow it down is if you are trying to place the material and design out at the edge of the bed, where the head has to decelerate to keep from overshooting the edges of the bed. (It might go faster in the center of the machine.)

Also…is it oriented horizontally rather than vertically?


Thanks, Jules.

I was just experimenting and discovered that it was the 90 degree rotation change. I thought I could streamline alignment. I had no idea that it would make that much difference in time but it makes sense when you think about the distance the laser has to travel.



Yep! You got it! (And you can use that to your advantage going forward.) :smile: