Lens falling out -- actually falling out of the head to the carriage platform

The lens keeps dropping out of the head when I am doing a job. I have
followed the steps to clean and replace it into its proper position. Each time, it clicks into
place and I visually check to make sue it is in as it should be. I then re-seat
the head, close the lid, re-start the machine and run a small job to
test it it – the job runs and you can see the laser is out of focus in
both the engrave step and the cut and it does not cut all the way
through. I turn it off, remove the head and the lens drops out of the
head. It obviously dropped out while working and has been just sitting on the carriage plate. I have ruined several pieces of proofgrade trying to figure out
what is happening to cause the lens to become un-seated when I start to
run a job and I can’t figure it out. It did not start happening until I used the tool to pull
the lens for routine cleaning for the first time, and then replaced it. I have submitted an email to support on this.

Is the lens in the correct side up?

Yes – triple checked that each time – even pulled out the documentation on cleaning to ensure I was doing it exactly correctly

I have to wonder if the magnet that retains the lens is there. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Mine snaps in with authority when it gets close to the lens seat. You might check that by removing the lens and using a small ferrous wire to see if it is.


Here is a video of it being re-installed – you can hear the click as it seats.https://global.discourse-cdn.com/glowforge/original/3X/8/f/8fc6a27b98899377284648a70d4df64809525248.MOV


That is odd… the magnet is definitely there. I can’t imagine anything other than an obstruction dislodging the lens. Does a light tap dislodge it?

I might be wrong, but it looks like you used the tool upside down when you re-inserted the lens, and the magnet came off of the blue thing inside the head.

You might still have the magnet from the removal tool stuck inside, and that is going to cause some problems.

(You’ll need to get the lens out and pull the magnetic ring off of the bottom of it. If you have any small neodymium magnets, tape one onto the end of a pencil, turn the head on it’s side, reach in with the magnet and carefully draw out the lens and magnet.)


OMG! Jules, you are amazing and have saved the day again! That is exactly what happened – I removed the head and the magnet ring was indeed attached to the lens (I didn’t notice it before because it actually looks like it belongs there) – so as it moved inside the head, the magnet saw the metal below and said “Let’s go!!!” and leaped toward it every time. Just did a test engrave and cut with the magnet ring removed and the lens replaced without it. Voila! A perfect job. Thank you!!!


…and actually, I used the tool correctly when re-installing each time – the magnet ring came off when I first removed the lens for the routine cleaning and has bee there ever since. Oddly enough, the install end of the tool will fit inside it to allow you to re-seat the lens with the magnet ring on it…

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Well, great! I’m glad it was an easy fix! (Gotta watch those hitchhikers!) :smile:


Very observant. I had to stop frame to see that.


Just got lucky…something felt off so I watched it really closely.


It makes me wonder how the tool was able to remove the lens in the first place. :thinking:

@rand, I think super glue would fix that.


Thanks for the help in this thread, everyone! @rand, I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working with you there, so I’m going to close this topic.