Lens getting dirty so fast

After ~2 hour of cutting I realized that some spots would not be cutting through and I would check how dirty my lens are. Its mainly the mirror gets a bit foggy and after cleaning it cuts through for another ~2 hours before needing to clean it again.

Is this normal? Why is my mirror lense getting foggy/dirty so fast?

Thanks to anyone who can help!

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what material are you cutting? how quickly they get dirty is generally a mix of what material (some things, like MDF, cut very dirty) and how effective your venting is.

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There is also a very tiny fan inside the head, that has the job of blowing the smoke away from the opening so that the lens (and mirror) is not dirtied up continually. You might want to check that to see if it needs to be cleaned so that it spins easily.

If that doesn’t take care of it open a ticket on the problem…support might need to look at your logs for good connections. (Be sure to tell them what you already checked.)


cutting the home depot columbia forest products. I do have a theory - it might be cause I black stained it and its not stained very well. Do you think this can cause it to smoke up more?

i will make sure i clean it! Thanks for the tip!

unless there’s something really weird/funky in your stain, i don’t think that will have any effect.