Lens Grime Status Report

Normally I submit status reports directly to Support, but thought you guys might appreciate seeing this as well. :wink:

Some background for those new:

I’ve been using a PreRelease unit since late February (> 7½ months) at hobby levels of use. Some engraving, some heavy engraving, a lot of cutting…generally something every other day or so.

In all that time, I have never cleaned the lens in the head. I didn’t have a removal tool, they didn’t come with my version of the PRUs.

I bought a removal tool last week when they started offering them in the store and cleaned the lens for the first time in eight months. First the shielded interior of the lens, then the outside that is exposed to the smoke in the machine.

For cleaning, I used a special non-scratching cloth designed specifically for cleaning lenses. (Nothing against the zeiss wipes, I just prefer this for lenses.)


Inside of the lens (Shielded part):
(Spot used shown by arrow.)

I got nuttin! :smile:

Outside of the lens: (Exposed part):

Had to zoom in, but I finally found the faint smudge. After eight months of use.

I’d say your air setup that blows the smoke away from the lens works in outstanding fashion!

This thing SO rocks! I might have to clean that lens again in a year or so.

(The solid engineering behind this thing is what I paid for…and that’s a mighty nice feature. Thank you.) :grinning:


I’m still planning for the 40 hour mark, which might be within the next week.I broke 30 hours in less than 2 weeks.


Thanks for sharing! This is impressive.


That is great to see – thank you!

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I had to squint/zoom in to see what your arrow was pointing at in the first picture! :face_with_monocle:

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Just realized my tracking spreadsheet stopped adding time way too early. Broke 40 hours around day 15. Scheduled to clean after work today.

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Insofar as I’ve had gup it’s been on the window.

Reworked the numbers again, accounting for stuff not being tracked the first day or two. I figure I hit 40 hours on day 11 or 12…oops.

Thanks for posting this. Cleaning is very important! Since there isn’t anything for us to solve here, we’re gonna move this to Everything Else.

Happy printing.

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I wanted to add a little to this conversation. I cleaned my lens for the first time about a month ago. It was pretty dirty. However, a lot of dirt seemed to be coming from the fan behind the lens that was supposed to provide airflow to prevent gunk buildup on the lens.

You can see on the bottom left of the lens where there is a larger accumulation of debris. The fan behind the lens also needs to be cleaned fairly often to prevent sticking etc


Bit of a design flaw that it blows dirty air onto the lens to keep dirty air off it. If it gets too dirty it can heat up and crack.