Lens Removal Magnet Broken

Hi! I got my GF just a few weeks ago and only needed to clean the lens today… except I just saw that the ring magnet on the lens removal tool is broken and in two parts. Is there any way I could get a replacement for this?

Though Support might replace it directly, you can purchase additional ones at:


Common-ish problem. Mine was in pieces when I got it as well. Support credited my account the cost of reordering a new one. Good luck!

I’ve seen this problem crop up several times here, and it’s happened to me, too.

They really should have included more than one lens removal tool with the Glowforge.

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Neodymium magnets are brittle things. Maybe you have a point about getting a spare.

I think more people have reported a broken tube than lens tool. Now that’s something worthy of including an extra :wink:

I’m so sorry your lens tool arrived damaged. I’ve requested a replacement be sent to you right away. Thank you for your patience.