Lens ring is not seated

My Glowforge wasn’t cutting all the way through Proofgrade Maple today so I pulled up the cleaning instructions and got to work. I found some grunge that could have been the problem, but I also found that the snap ring that holds the lens doesn’t look like it is properly in place all the way around . I can push down on the high spot, but it doesn’t feel like there is anywhere for it to click in to. I didn’t use all my strength or a tool cuz I figured breaking the whole thing was a Bad Idea :slight_smile: I put everything back where it belongs, but haven’t tried using my Glowforge because I was done for today anyway.
So, is this ok? Or does it need some kind of fixing?

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That doesn’t look right to me.

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That’s not ok. The ring should be fully seated around the lens.


Yes, I just checked and there is a recess machined into the lens housing for that retaining ring to seat into, but support will let you know how to proceed.

Yes, Stuff on your optics will give the laser something to deposit its energy on, diminishing the power that is transmitted. If the energy isn’t transmitted, it’s deposited. That’s bad because you can burn the windows or lens. First rule of lasers is clean optics.

I check for needed cleaning by shining a bright LED flashlight on the window under the left side. That will be the first thing to show a film. when I see anything on it I clean the windows and the lid camera. About every third time I have to clean that window under the left side I will check the mirror and lens. I know the directions say 40 hours, but I see stuff on the windows long before that. Before I toss the alcohol wipe I will wipe down the rails also. :grinning:

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I’m so sorry to hear about the damaged lens. Unfortunately, this will need to be replaced instead of being repaired.

I just sent you an email with the next steps to receive a replacement. We’ll continue to work on this there, so I’m going to close this thread.