Lens slip

This has happened twice now. My GF unit starts failing to cut all the way through so I clean the glass, lenses and such. What I find is the lens has slipped downward (toward the material) in its tube and when I push it back into place all is well and all manner of things will be well. Any ideas on why this is happening and how i can prevent it ?

Probably just coincidence that the cut through issue occurs when you notice the lens is down. The lens is intended to move up and down in the head. Don’t push it up. It is magnetically drawn into the proper place when placed inside the head. No matter how many times you push it all the way inside, it will end up in a different place during the calibration step at startup. A lot of other things can affect focus and affect cut through.


… and forcing the mechanism that moves the lens can break it. It’s attached magnetically, if it was detached, it would fall out completely.

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