Lesson learned: Not all wood from the same general species is the same. Update: FIRST EVER CUSTOMER DOUBLE SIDED CUT?

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Cool! With an ultrasonic head we could melt select plastics instead of vaporizing them. I could use them to attach flexible plastic electrodes and membrane separators onto tedlar substrates for my gel pack battery work. I could also make customized multichamber chemiluminescent glow products.


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Of course, one head would be low power for scanning a substrate and another high power for melting/sealing/joining operations.

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It would be head & shoulders above all other laser cutters!

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Awesome work!

Not to be contrary, but did you actually use cutting from two sides software? Or did you just run the job again with the piece flipped over in the existing scrap. Double sided cutting was very much sold as automatically tracked with no jigs.

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Thank you!

I did this, and aligned the design over the visible cut marks :slight_smile:

They are still working on the software…