Let it Glow!


Well… Been lurking as long as everyone else i guess, but now have a tracking number for my Proofgrade materials!! Woot Woot!

Could that mean i have a Glowforge before Xmas!
let it glow… let it glow…let it glow!!

Pro with Filter
Ordered: 10/19/15
Do you want Email: 10/27/17
Proofgrade email: 11/7/17

Will update progress when GF arrives!


Welcome to participation in the forum. Not too shabby stats there for reading. Looking forward to what you can do on the Glowforge. If your handle contains your zip, you should be good to go shortly!


Quite likely by Thanksgiving!


That would be quite a treat. I have several Xmas gifts that are 2 years overdue… :wink:


That’s great!! Nice way to plan the holiday season!