Let’s fly


Very nice! All balsa or a mix?

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You can’ t just post pictures of such interesting project! Please elaborate to stop the drooling :joy:


Wow! Very cool. Let us know how it flies!

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Mostly balsa


Amazing work! RC planes always fascinated me as a kid. Something about them always makes me feel a little childlike.


Wow! Cool! :sunglasses:

Lots of people would pay money to take a class to learn how to make one of these AWESOME planes.

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That is amazing!

Very nice. How about a video of it in flight?


Awesome dude! I used to design and build my own planes and rockets. All the time I spent creating the cutout templates, cutting the wood, and assembling the plane can be done so quickly now with autocad and glowforge. I used to cover my planes with tissue paper (back in the 1970’s) . Are you using monokote? I don’t see any control lines. Is this a free flight model?


I haven’t made a balsa plane as yet, though I do have plans for one in the works. But I’ve been using my GF for a couple of years now for my radio control hobby. My latest creation isn’t very complicated, it’s a front-panel for a device called a “RaceTimer” that is used for tracking lap times in a drone race. One of my earliest GF creations in the second picture, a micro sized racing drone.

I’ve used wood, acrylic, delrin and foam to make flying things with my GF. It’s one of the specific reasons I bought it.

That’s a really nice little Cub. Nice to see one that’s not yellow. :slight_smile:


Oooooh. I want to make a Woodie :smiley:
Any pointers to where I can learn about building drones?

PM me and I’ll hook you up.

Building planes was one of reasons I have wanted a laser for so long. Funny though, now that I have finally gotten the laser, I no longer fly.