Let’s go deep on high power lasers

This is really interesting.



(… as I know what a stickler you are for repeats! :rofl:)


Huh I searched for the YouTube link but didn’t find it so thought I was in the clear. Good recall.

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That was very interesting and entertaining! Thanks for sharing!

Is the previous link the same video? I will check it out to, but if it is the same, I doubt I will watch it again.

Edit: Ah, it was a link to an article that contained a link to the same video.

Yeah, same video. Wired actually produced this one - unlike clickbait sites that just make money sharing other peoples content…

Are you referring to youtube here? You know, the official Wired youtube channel where wired released their videos in a television format, with seasons and official titles? That kind of clickbaity site that makes money with Wired sharing Wired’s own content?

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Nothing here. As I said, Wired produced this one, and it’s on their YT channel.


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