Let the story of my crap luck brighten your day

Thought I would turn my piss luck into y’alls entertainment. Since the best suffering is someone else’s I decided to share my day with you.

I have two GF’s. Well ol’ lefty seems to have developed a messed up back and forth movement due to an issue with the pulley for the gantry. Well that not good, so I decided I’m going to add another GF so that I have one now, and once this one is fixed I’ll have a back up.

So I ordered a new one, however as you know its a month out. So I decide I’ll buy a nice used one to have in the meantime. This is where it gets really fun. It worked, packed it up with original packaging, bring it home and now it acts like its out of focus. Blurry engrave, terrible score, no cut…Crud.

Well I guess I’m only using ol Righty. WRONG!!
Ol righty must have gotten jealous of this clean barely used gal I just parked next to it. Cause Righty suddenly decided that its engraves were going to all be in 8-bit quality (think Atari).

So now I have three GF’s not working in my house, and a freshly purchased one a month from being delivered.

Remember this before your sad posts around Christmas that you’re down because you don’t have a backup focal lens for your single laser! lol

Have a great day friends and wish me luck for a speedy resolution :rofl:


Wow - I mean, fabulous that you have the ability/space for multiples, but good to know :glowforge: s are the jealous type!


Man that’s some bad luck!

First world problems… :wink:


I had a similar experience last Thanksgiving time. Machine 1 went down, bought a used one while waiting for replacement parts to fix M1. Used one had engraving issues after being shipped. Parts came for M1, but had to send M2 in since it was still in warranty. M2 came back good as new, but eventually had the same issue as M1. Both (knock on proofgrade wood) machines are now running smoothly and have been for sometime.

Overall I’ve repaired M1 about 6 times myself, so this machine is a trooper. It used to be quite annoying when anything went wrong, but now I’m a (un)certified pro technician. At least you’ve got a positive attitude about the situation, that’s good to see!



That’s appalling rather than day-brightening, but I’d certainly suggest getting yourself out and buying a couple of lottery tickets. (Luck like that has to change. Move on it while you can.) :wink:

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