Lettering on Wood

HELP: This was my mom’s recipe and the lettering is to bulgy to where the words are un readable on the board. How do I fix this to make the words thinner where you can read it? Thanks for any advice or help?

Did you engrave or score? I assume this is a bitmap, so it is engraved. Try lowering the power a little. Maybe even make it slightly larger so everything isn’t bunched up. Of course, you may just try and clean up the engrave first to see if that helps.

I’m new at it so I just hit the engrave button. How do I lower the power? I enlarged it as much as I could without going above the handle. When you say clean up the engrave; you mean wiping around the engraving with a cloth?

You can choose both power and speed in the GFUI. Choose engrave, then manual, then input your settings for speed and power. You enlarged it in the GFUI or in a program like inkscape?

Not just a cloth. A quick wipe down with some alcohol or something else to remove any smoke residue - denatured alcohol, Isopropyl Alcohol, etc. Some even use a toothbrush.

It also seems a bit out of focus.This could be from the original scan or from the Glowforge. How did you tell the Glowforge the focus height? Did you use set focus of manually input the measurements?

Do you have the original image to show us? Seeing that will set a lot of the possibilities.

unfocused laser beam? did you take out the crumb tray and the wood wasn’t within the focal point of the laser? Just curious. Would you share the recipe file you used for troubleshooting?

How about tracing it with a fine tipped sharpie, or taking a picture of it and auto correcting using photo editing software?

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