Lettering that falls apart

wondering if anyone can direct me in cutting out an svg I bought, glowforge ready that has cut out letters that seem to break no matter what settings I have tried. thanks

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If you can post an example of the problem it will be helpful…

The material could be the relevant issue. I would ask the person who sold you the design and leave a one-star nastygram if they don’t

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Yup, that is way too thin to be used that way. Engraved yes but not cut out like that unless the letters are supposed to be a foot tall :roll_eyes:
You might get away cutting it out of acrylic but even then they would be delicate. Alternatively, go bigger until they don’t break.


That definitely looks as if it was designed to engrave, not cut. That type of font is not really conducive to cutting.


how about a faster speed, multiple times?


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The letters are filled, unlike the design in the mandala which are vector cut lines.


Yep, what everyone else said. Here’s one you can try if it’s helpful-similar font…cut the red and engrave the blue. Or, you can just cut the red. You’ll still need to be sure it’s big enough to have some substance…


Thank you everyone. I’ve contacted the seller and am very curious as to what the reply will be as the photo of the product shows that it is definitely a cut piece. Will keep you posted

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Did you change the dimensions? These letters would cut successfully at a larger size.

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Just scale it up till your thinnest part of the lettering is at least 1 mm and you will be alright.

I did not change the dimensions as the product was sold as glowforge ready. I am waiting to hear back from the seller but will end up trying to modify it if I don’t :grin:

If it was an SVG you may have run into the scaling glitch that sometimes pops up. Was there anything in the listing saying what the finished dimensions should be? (A PDF wouldn’t have a scaling problem)

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No dimension we’re listed only a photo