Leveraging Inconsistencies of Bamboo Grain (logo on cutting board)

This logo is meant to invoke the fields below the hills of the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico where this incredible tequila is made.

I’ve noted that with bamboo, it is pretty typical that the darker grain bamboo engraves lighter in color than the lighter grain.

So, I lined up the middle of the words of the logo near the transition (but not on-- too much symmetry is jarring) and I think it turned out rather nicely with the two toned letters!


Yep. That’s the mark of a pro. :wink:


What an eye for detail and foresight. I learn something here every day. Thank you.


Preparation is always vital in any project.


Lovely piece. Interesting name as there is a place in West Virginia named Terra Alta (2 separate words) to mean High Ground. However, all locals basically say it as one name like this. The only reason I know this is because my boyfriend is one of those locals. I really need to find this tequila.


It is one of the best around. Interesting that you mention high ground. Terralta is made just outside of Arandas, Jalisco, MX. This is the highlands of the tequila making region. The name is meant to invoke both that it is a highlands tequila (all the agave is grown in that region) and that the tequila is made with 100% deep well water, emphasizing the minerality flavor profile unique to the region (other tequilas made by the same maker are Pasote and G4, which use a mix of deep well and collected rain water).

It isn’t in wide distribution, but it is available nationwide sporadically. Alternatively, liquorama or hi-times wines will ship, but maybe not to your state.

I like leaning into stuff like this to make it a feature rather than a limit. Well done.


Beautiful engraving!

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