Lid came off

I have had a pro for about 3 years now and my lid came off recently.
I was pretty bummed about it.
I put the ribbon back on the connector and it started right up. At first it was saying lid open, I pushed the hinges all the way down and it was enough to close all the way.
This was a few months ago, I cant open the lid all the way like before cause the ribbon pops off but it works.
Hope this helps someone with this issue, I almost spent a good chunk of change to send it back.
It does make it easier to clean the machine when I pop the lid off.

Not sure what you’re doing that requires removing the lid. The only cleaning prescribed by the manufacturer is to wipe down the optics, and in very rare circumstances, addressing the fans. In 5 years, I never had to do that.


well I guess use mine a lot more than you, and I dont believe for one second when you say in 5 years you never had to clean the fans.

Most likely. My GF is just a tool in my workshop, I’ve never sold anything. I make stuff to give away,

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well there you go

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