Lid Camera Alignment Examples FTW

If you zoom all the way in, you can see the pencil marks I referenced on each side, perfectly lined up with the middle notch on either side of the guide.

I can use any number of methods to line things up - just threw a couple of examples up. I have a larger square like the black one I posted, but it’s lost under a pile of offcuts at the moment… You wouldn’t need to buy anything, though, because, well, we all have this awesome machine capable of cutting precise things out of solid material… :wink:


Hey Nice ruler grid. Do you have the file for that for me to try to make?

For future reference, it’s actually a violation of the forum rules to ask people for their designs – but in this case, you’re in luck, because he already posted it up above --> Lid Camera Alignment Examples FTW

Sorry about that. I wasn’t aware, and thanks for letting me know for future post. My apologies!:grinning:


I’d been meaning to ask you how you aligned it. Thanks for these posts, it’s really useful.

Ja… it’s above…

Edit… out friendly neighborhood spidergeek already got you covered!

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