Lid Camera Calibration Beta

there’s no earthly way of knowing
where the calibration’s going
there’s no telling how we’re glowing
or which way the coolant’s flowing
is it cessna
is it boeing
whichever way the filter’s blowing

… I’ll stop now.


Absolutely love it. That was an unexpectedly dark part of the movie.

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I’m hearing it in @Dan’s voice in my head, now…


He should do it during one of his MakerFaire appearances. With a slideshow in the background keeping time and images to the lyrics :slightly_smiling_face:

I’d pay money to see that!


I did this 5 times. It worked the second time, but it was way off after the refresh test with the preview score. I tried three more times and it kept saying that it was interrupted. Now it’s way worse than what it used to be. I can remask the draftboard, but this is getting kind of crazy.

Edit: Is there a way to roll back my calibration to the one before this one? Didn’t think to ask until later.

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Yes, they can roll back your settings. All you have to do is ask. :grinning:

That has new nuances this year…


I had this exact issue, too: using set focus on the extreme right of the cutting area–even though both the target and the set focus crosshairs were in their respective (and different) allowable zones–caused a crash of the head resulting in lost steps on and a large error in placement.

I’m thinking the reason my initial calibration didn’t work exactly perfectly was because there was some warpage in the sheet of draftboard. Is it OK to tape the edges down, or does the camera need to see the exactly square edges of the draftboard in order for this to work?

yes, you need the board to be as flat as possible.

even better than tape, use some of your scrap 1/8" material and make some of these hold-down pins to put around the edges of the board.


My cable arrived and was fitted Thursday, that got me back up and running ( THANK YOU )
I did a couple of quick test cut/engraves to make sure everything was as it should be and then carried out the calibration. Made a big difference, not perfect still a little off on the RHS but better than previous. THANK YOU AGAIN!


For the record, pretty sure you mean “The Candy Man” because “the Candyman” is something so much less pleasant…


Really? (No doubt a movie I haven’t seen.) :smile:
I was thinking of the one in the song from Willy Wonka. (Sorry @dan.)

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I’m not sure I’ve seen it either, but it’s definitely a slasher horror movie… :wink:


Okay, yeah, that definitely was not the Candy Man i was referring to. :rofl:


Perhaps it is an age thing but I am remembering the novel made movie about a rich southern girl brought low. I was thinking it was Faulkner as it is his style but in any case not a compliment.


No, I wasn’t referring to that kind of Candy Man either. :rofl:
(For pity’s sake!)


Considering the addictive nature of making stuff on the Glowforge the distance might not be so much. :candy::lollipop:


I have been trying to run the new calibration, but have been unsuccessful. Attached is the error message I keep receiving.

I have tried:

  • Turning unit on/off
  • Resetting router
  • Turned off all devices connected to wifi
  • 2 different proofgrade medium draftboards front/back
  • Removed/cleaned the crumb tray
  • Cleaned the machine to make sure it closed correctly
  • Cleaned cameras and lenses