Lid is beginning to come loose in the back left corner

Hi, I haven’t used my Glowforge in over 18 months. It’s been sitting in the home office. My brother went to use it today and noticed that the lid is coming loose when he attempted to close it. I’ve attached a picture. He had to be very careful when closing the lid since the backplate did not want to move with the lid. What can I do to get to fixed?
I think the adhesive is failing.

Thank you

I did a write-up on one way to repair it yourself: Lid Detached + Overseas (Philippines) - #4 by raymondking32


Awesome, Great write up. Thank you
I’ll try and fix it myself.

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FYI, if @raymondking32’s repair is too much then that is a return-to-the-mothership repair, and as your machine is out of warranty it’s not cheap, but it is available.
Fingers crossed you can take care of it!


Good to know, hopefully I can get it done. :slight_smile:

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Hi @cchhun - I’m sorry to hear you’ve had this trouble with your lid!

While most modifications void the warranty, I can give you permission to glue it back together yourself. It’s not a repair we support, so I don’t have any specific advice.

As @deirdrebeth mentioned, if you’d prefer that we repair your unit, we are happy to do that.

Let me know!


Just curious, which type of glowforge is it? Trying to decide if I should worry about issues I am starting to have with my new plus lid when I never had issues with my pro.

There have been, via the forum, about 2 dozen lid failures…out of 10s of thousands of units. When it happens it sucks, but spending any time worrying about it before it does is most definitely a waste of good stress hormones!

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True. I am mainly trying to figure out if they happen more commonly to the basics and pluses. Maybe the passthrough slots on the pro helps relieve strain? I enjoy trying to find patterns to things.

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It’s a pro model but I was also one of the early supporter of the Glowforge. So mine is more than a three years old.

Like @deirdrebeth mentioned it Is not happening to a lot of people.

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@cchhun Thanks for that information about it being a pro. If you would like to start the process of getting your Glowforge repaired please let us know. I can send you an email on the next steps if you would like to make a more informed decision.

Hi David,
I will try to perform the glue repair and Mike has given approval all though my warranty has already expired. I’ll let you know if I run into any issues.

Thank you

Hi @cchhun. Thank you for the update and we’ll be here and happy to help if you run into any further trouble with the lid issue. Thanks!