Lid is open error

I’ve tried all of the advice that I could find, but the lid still says it’s open. Here’s the really strange thing. I can trick it with magnets, but only when the lid is open. If I try to close the lid, once it gets within a couple of inches of the front door, the GF says the lid is open again. Also, this is still true when I leave the front door open and try to close the lid while magnets are taped to the lid. As soon as the lid comes close to a closed position, the lights dim and it registers as open.

If all the GF needs is magnets to register as closed for everything to work, then why does it need some second sensor to detect when the door is almost closed. And why would it override a closed lid position with an open lid position when the lid is closed? It’s a mystery.

Does anyone have any idea? If I find out the answer, I will do my best to have it posted here before the thread is closed. Every good thread that I find on this is closed before anyone tells us what worked for them. It adds many unnecessary hours to troubleshooting research.

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How’s it look? I mean, is the lid actually open a little?

It looks closed and normal in every way that I can see. Everything has been restarted in every combination, joints have been cleaned out, 5 connectors on the lid appear to be connected and fine. The magnets will make it work, but the lid has to stay open, so the print head will move around looking for the camera, and will bump into the sides, so I can’t leave the magnets on for very long.

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.