Lid not even

Noticed my lid seems uneven. Is this something to worry about or just ignore?

my lid is less than a millimeter higher than the rest of the unit, ant that is where it should be, yours is cause your unit is not level, try and gently pull up on one of the bottom corners of your unit and it will lessen.

I had the same problem. Found that the GF was not level on my table. There was a slight bow in the table top. Changed table to a more sturdy one and it fixed the issue.

It’s also possible for the lid to be slightly out of alignment even if the case is level.

The case does flex a little bit, so it’s possible that some of what you are seeing there is due to the case not being level on the table. There are rubberized runners under the case that can stick and twist the case a little - lifting on the corners can take care of that part, or you can shim underneath the runners with a few sheets of paper. (A thin stack of Post-it notes works great - just make sure they are under the runners and don’t move - you don’t want them to be sucked into the intake.)

But if you still see that happening after leveling the case, don’t worry about it - my machine has slightly warped glass and it has about that much give on the right side. As long as the negative pressure is being maintained inside the machine and you don’t have smoke coming out of the gap during a print you’re okay.

For clarity, its not the table level that causes the frame to twist. (Maybe a little if it is very unlevel.). It is the flatness of the surface. Very few surfaces are truly flat. Use something thin to shim the foot runners to remove the twist.

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Thanks for the help in this thread, everyone!

Each Glowforge unit is tested on a flat surface. Many tables are not perfectly flat, which can create some friction when the lid closes. This is not harmful and does not require any changes. If you would like to improve it, however, try inserting a spacer - for example 20 sheets of copy paper - under the center of the printer. If that doesn’t help, try moving the spacer to either edge. It may require some experimentation, including more or less paper, to find the arrangement with the least friction when it closes.

I’m going to close this thread - if you run into any other trouble, go ahead and post a new topic. Thanks for letting us know about this!